Traynor Family led by Phylis McGrath Traynor today in Tullow

Liberty Flame exhibition today in Tullow at Thomas Traynor Monument

Traynor Homestead Cannons quarter

Phylis McGrath Traynor and her Traynor cousins organizer of the Traynor Reunion at Tullowphelim Historical Society unveiling today 23/4/2016 in Thomas Traynor Memorial Park Tullow Co Carlow.

Mrs Wright looks on at the proceedings.

Newly Washed Monument

Thomas Traynor's descendants at the unveiling of our recently commissioned stone monument to mark the birth place of Thomas Traynor 1916 Combatant in Cannons quarter Tullow Co. Carlow. Many have traveled from all over the World.

Billy Keegan, Sinead Cullen, Jim Murphy, Billy Wright, Liam O'Connor, Lorna Traynor and John Keogh in Thomas Traynor Memorial Park

Traynor descendants Sinead Cullen and Lorna Traynor

O.N.E Guard of Honour John Coogan, Michael Butler and
Patrick Doyle.