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List of Burials for Saint John The Baptist Grange Cemetry transcribed from visual project over two months. Map will be available shortly. the interesting thing about this cemetry is that a lot of the early burials include people from Tullow town. I have taken one family name from each Headstone plus the decade recorded more percise dates of burial and other family members names are recorded in our records. Some families have multiple headstones which may be related.

  Here are some of the 316 inscriptiond recorded from Grange Cemetry.

John Hickey 1800's

Edward McCutcheon

Nancy Walshe/ walshe

Thomas Gorman

Margaret Dalton

Patk Redmond 1800's

Patk Mc Donald

Thomas Dawson

May Ann Kehoe

Wm McAssey

Thomas Murphy

Ellen Flemming

Laurence Doyle 1800's

Anne Nolan

Mary Foster

Ed Walsh 1800's

Patrick Nolan

Patrick Keating 1800's

Patrick Whelan 1900's

Michael Dwyer 1800's

john Byrne

Catherine Lawlor 1800's

John Connolly 1800's

Anastasia Keogh 1800's

Patrick bolger 1800's

Martin Doyle 1800's

Margaret Flynn 1800's

Patrick Doyle 1800's

James Coogan 1800's

Sarah Murphy 1800's

Mary Dowling 1800's

Thomas Nolan 1800's

James Bolger 1800's

Edward Hughes 1800's

Francis Roche 1800's

Charles McNally 1900's

Kate MooreP.J Griffin 1800's

john Doyle 1800's

Elizabet M. Duncan 1800's

James Nicholson 1900's

James Sheppard 1800's

Johanna Higgins 1840

Stephen jackman

James Lynch

Thomas rice 1800's

Patrick McDonald 1800's

John j. Browne

John O'Farrell

Denis Byrne 1800's

john Kelly 1800's

Ellen Slye

Edward Walshe

Ed Murphy 1916

Wm Maher 1800's

James Byrne

Hugh Canavan

Thomas Nolan 1800's

Mary Brennan 1800's

James McNamara 1800's

Kathleen Edmonds

James Gainer 1800's

Patrick Gaynor 1900's

James Kavanagh

Jas Dwyer  1800's