Carlow County Volunteer movement

Forthcoming publication 1916/2016

TullowPhelim Exhibition  Tullow Museum March 2016 Thomas Traynor's persomnal belongings plus photos.

On 23rd April 2016 the unveiling of Traynor Birth stone Cannonsquarter Tullow.




Progress on this project is looking good as I have received many valauble photos and accounts of happenings in Tullow and surrounding areas linked to the 1916 - 1922 rising. Also we had a number of unfortunate  deaths in Tullow during this period.


It is hoped that our society will have enough material and photographs to produce a booklet covering the effects and happenings of 1916,1922, 1966  in Tullow and the surrounding areas!  If you would like your story or an article included contact me at the Museum or at e-mail address!

Items of interst on record Cummann Na mban, Local Units, Buildings destroyed and commemeration photos !


 A sample of things to come Eye witness account

I joined the Volunteers in April, 1918. It was the Tullow Company to which I was attached, and the Captain was then Michael Keating. I started off by being made a Section Commander. We had parades about twice a week. We had very little arms in those days, so the first duty we were assigned was to make some searches of farmhouses for shotguns. I was in charge of a party that carried out a few of those raids. We were fairly successful and succeeded in getting a few shotguns. On Easter Saturday night, 1920, six members of our company carried out a raid on the Income Tax office in Carlow. The Volunteers were William Mara, Michael Quinn, Har Twamley, Michael Walsh, Paddy Murphy and myself. We entered the office and filled up the documents in corn sacks and carried them away to a motor car. We then brought them out the country and burned the lot.


Articles in preperation for our forthcoming publication 2016

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